About the Blog


Hi, I’m Lindy, gift expert and founder. I scour local boutiques, magazines and the web to find the best, newest, coolest, most unique, most romantic, most creative gift ideas out there – so that none of you have to.

I grew up in the suburbs of Dundee, where even as a kid I loved the thrill of finding and making the most creative and one-of-a-kind gifts for my family and friends. I have a journalism degree from the London Metropolitan University. I originally started The Gift Insider as a hobby blog while working at magazines like Good Housekeeping and Esquire, but I left the publishing world to pursue my passion for creative gift giving.

Everyone knows how hard it is shopping for the perfect gift for someone, which is why if you need perfect gift ideas for all sorts of occasions or type of receiver, you are going to love this section.

Whether your friend or loved one has a preference for pocket-sized items or they love to embrace their geeky side, or you are on a string budget, I won’t let you down. I will recommend you some ideas in my gallery page.

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