Gift Ideas For Your Dad

Whether it be your Dad’s birthday or Father’s day is coming up, you can make your gift something unique, memorable and exciting. While a new tie, aftershave, and socks may be welcomed by your Dad (you know he loves you no matter what) these are personal things that most men would prefer to select for themselves. There are a lot of other ideas you may want to consider.img

The most precious gift of Time

Time is definitely the greatest gift of all and something we each are able to give. Write him a letter, in your own handwriting, that lets him know how
important he is to you and how you appreciate his support. You can include specific memories from childhood onwards when he acted as your role model or your hero. Write whatever you like to let him know you love him and are proud to call him dad. This is a gift he will treasure. Make a promise that you’ll keep in touch more often. If it is possible, spend time with your dad doing things you know he’ll appreciate, such as going for a hike together; going fishing, cycling, or sailing together; watch a movie together; visit an art gallery or museum; attend a sports match. Choose whatever you’re sure he’ll enjoy, make all the arrangements for transport and make sure there is time to just chill and talk together.

Fulfil his dreams

If your dad has a dream of piloting a plane, driving a sports car, taking a hot-air balloon ride arrange that for him. Ask the rest of the family to contribute to the gift if you need to reduce costs, with the added bonus that your siblings don’t have to find a separate gift themselves. Make sure someone is there to record the experience and be there to share the thrill with him.

If the above sounds a bit too adventurous for your dad, how about booking him into cooking classes for his favorite cuisine. Or perhaps he would like to learn a new craft like pottery or woodcarving. A weekend artists course or a lecture tour to an area he has an interest in or wants to return to could tie in with a mini-vacation.
match his interests

If your Dad is already busy with a lot of interests and hobbies of his own, check the things he might need for these. Perhaps there is some piece of sports equipment that is wearing out and in need of upgrading or replacement. Perhaps there is a better version of some of his electronic or computer gear, or simply something new that has been invented and he hasn’t yet tried.

If your Dad is a bit of a handy-man you may consider new tools. There are so many of these that it’s unlikely he’ll ever tire of them. If you can’t decide, get him a voucher for his favorite hardware store and go shopping together so that he can find the perfect item.
Whilst it’s wise to steer clear of socks and underwear as a gift for your dad, you could treat him to a make-over to include a hair-cut and shopping for new clothes, but take him with you and make it a fun day where you have time to stop for a chat and a catch-up.

A gift that keeps on giving

There are many clubs that provide a monthly delivery of goods to members. This is an indulgence your Dad is unlikely to arrange for img2himself. You have a wide choice of ideas to match with your Dad’s interests. Every month, to his door, will arrive magazines and periodicals, books, chocolates, wine, gourmet delicacies, plants and seeds, movies and much more. Alternatively, make him some home-made cookies and deliver these to him every month yourself.

Get Re-connected

If your father has lost touch with someone who was important to his life, you can use sites like Facebook and friend reunion services to look for people and get in touch with them quickly. This may be a former school-friend, an ex-work colleague or someone else he talks about and you know he misses having in his life. Start the search at any time and connect the two of them. Your gift can be extended to you organising a surprise visit by this long-long pal to include transport, accommodation and the day’s activities. One tip: When talking to family about the surprise guest, give them another name so that it remains a surprise.

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